Dinner & Show Review: Billionaire Mansion, Taj Hotel

Fine dining meets live entertainment meets karaoke (yes, really...)
ByEllen KerryThursday , 04 May 2017
Dinner & Show Review: Billionaire Mansion, Taj Hotel
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Billionaire Mansion

Dinner can be a relaxing and intimate affair, or it can be a fun night out. And when it comes to Billionaire Mansion, it’s definitely the latter. We’ve come on a weekday night, and at first glance it looks like it’s going to be a quiet one. But as the night progresses, the tables around us fill up and an electrifying vibe fills the venue.

When we say electrifying, we literally mean there are performers walking around the floor dressed as lamps. There are also hip-hop dancers, trapeze artists and even a singer to keep you entertained as you dine.Which gets us to the food. In one word: magnificent. In two words: Japanese and Italian. It’s a bizarre mix, but it works wonderfully. The green tagliatelle with Bolognese is a stand-out dish on the Italian menu, and even basics like the margherita pizza is worth writing home about. On the Japanese front, all the regulars make an appearance, but it’s the Alaskan black cod with miso that catches our attention.The meat is soft, tender and flavoursome. In fact, the texture is unique – we can’t claim to have ever tasted a fish like this before.

After dinner we decide to show off our vocal skills. Fortunately for our fellow diners, the Billionaire Mansion has a private karaoke room, which is perfect for private parties. Consisting of booth-like seating with a podium to make you feel like a star, we sing the night away until we realise we’re the only people left in the venue. Now that’s what we call dinner and a show.

INFO: Tue-Sun 7pm-3am, Taj Hotel, Dubai, 04 510 3100

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