Dinner Review: OPA, Fairmont Dubai

28 Apr 2019

Fine Grecian dining complete with plate smashing

Thanks to its island like decor, fresh ingredients and time-honoured Greek traditions, OPA at the Fairmont Dubai isn’t just about Greek food – it’s an authentic Greek experience in itself.   

As we browse the menu, we quickly realise that the cuisine on offer is traditional Greek, but with a Dubai twist. On arrival, the atmosphere is still fairly calm, but as the evening progresses, tables fill up with birthday celebrations, couples on dates and buzzing crowds of friends.   

For cold starters, we opt for a trio of OPA-approved dips: tzatziki, a refreshing yoghurt dip with cucumber and dill, spicy feta, and a traditional hummus along with pita bread. Of course, let’s not forget the must-have Greek salad. We also try the tuna tartare, with a dash of truffle sauce and Greek yoghurt, with a side of feta fries – these are a total triumph.   

Opa-greek-fairmont dubai-dip selection

Then there’s the Flaming Saganaki, which is one for the books. This dish is served in a flaming pan that is lit up during preparation, which happens to be super Insta-worthy.

As we prepare for the mains, we’re recommended the peinirli lamb Greek style pizza. Besides, who could pass up a pizza, right? The peinirli pizza oozes with minced lamb, pepper, olives, and pleasantly melting three cheeses. 

For mains, we opt for a sharing approach to the dishes. With so much to choose from (the seafood, beef and chicken options are only just the beginning), we settle on a flavourful lamb kebab with spicy tomato sauce and yoghurt (Yep, yoghurt is a very common ingredient in Greek cuisine).

Now that we’re full and can barely move, it’s time for Greek dancing and plate smashing. Guests crowd the dance floor as upbeat Greek music plays. We’re told the plate smashing and Greek dancing is a regular occurrence at OPA. In fact, everyone in attendance gets a set of plates to smash.

After burning a few calories on the dancefloor, we feel brave enough to browse the dessert menu. Out of five very luring options, including the OPA baklava sundae and pistachio cake, we are just able to squeeze in a fresh and gooey OPA Lemon – a lemon-shaped mousse and sorbet that you get to smash too. Our guest goes for scrumptious Athenian pie, consisting of walnut cake, baklava ice-cream, raspberry jam and toasted nuts. Pure perfection.

As we said, OPA isn’t just a restaurant – it’s a full Greek experience. 

INFO: Open daily, 7pm-midnight, OPA Dubai, Fairmont Dubai, Sheikh Zayed Road, 04 357 0557