Dinner Review: Hakkasan, Emirates Towers Hotel

International brand, yet uniquely Dubai
ByEllen KerrySunday , 13 August 2017
Dinner Review: Hakkasan, Emirates Towers Hotel
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Upon entering the unassuming alcove entrance on the ground floor of the iconic Jumeirah Emirates Towers Hotel, you’d never know the narrow corridor opens out into an expansive 152- seat restaurant and lounge that is known as Hakkasan. Surprise!

Since its launch in 2011, Hakkasan Dubai has welcomed many of the region’s elite, and has been recognised every year since with prestigious accolades.

Every Hakkasan restaurant houses its own ‘Only at’ menu, which is unique to each establishment worldwide, so it was only right for us to sample it.

‘Only at Dubai’ gives you choices from an array of the chef’s carefully crafted dishes to form a tailored three- course meal.

With so much on offer, we leave the decision- making up to our knowledgeable waiter. First up is a twist on traditional dim sum. Out comes the Hakka fried dim sum platter to whet our appetites. The platter consists of roasted duck pumpkin puffs, mushroom and foie gras dumplings and wagyu beef and mushroom puffs. We pair the platter with a foie gras crispy duck wrap, which the waiter wraps up for us at the table. Reminiscent of a shredded duck wrap but a bit posher, the texture combination of the crispy duck and soft foie gras is sublime.

For mains, the waiter brings out poached cobia fish with spicy chilli sauce and stir-fried rib eye beef with foie gras (See foie gras becoming a common theme here?). The fish is simple but tasty, especially when paired with a mouthful of pineapple. We prefer the beef, however, which isn’t what we’d usually expect to go with foie gras, but our doubts are proved unfounded. The pairing educes a flavour that we’ve never experienced before.

Our mains are served with edamame egg- fried rice. Both dishes are in much larger portions than we’re used to at Asian-inspired restaurants, and in hindsight we probably didn’t need such big starters, but who are we to complain for being so well fed?

The meal is rounded o with dessert, of course. We need something light to follow, so we’re relieved when an orange hinted polenta cake, topped with pistachio diplomat (which is similar to Chantilly cream), sea salted caramel and almond ice cream, is put in front of us. This is a refreshing end to the night. The orange flavour is distinctive yet softened by the pistachio cream, which makes it a perfect balance, and conclusion, to our meal.

INFO: The Only at Dubai Menu is exclusively available at Hakkasan Dubai, daily for dinner from 7pm, and the Hakka Brunch is from 12noon-4pm every Friday 

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