Dinner Review: Geisha Nights, Cavalli Club

Dinner Review: Geisha Nights, Cavalli Club

15 Oct 2017

Monday evenings just got sassy

Do you suffer from post-weekend blues on a weekly basis? We think we might have found the solution. Once you get through Sunday, get over the sadness with a trip to Cavalli on a Monday evening. The superclub turns into a slick Japanese-influenced food haven every week when its Geisha night begins. 

We arrive at 8.30pm and are led up the (fabulous) fur-lined staircase and into the main club. For anyone who has yet to visit the venue, Cavalli Club’s main room is a very glamorous sight. Huge glittering chandeliers hang high in the air over countless leopard-print chairs and tables. The mood is sultry, stylish and super sassy. Just the thing for Monday fun. 

Dinner Review: Geisha Nights, Cavalli Club

We head to our table, which is situated down a light-up catwalk and in what is usually the dance floor. Right in front of the DJ booth. Music is playing but it’s soft and ambient – we can still hear ourselves talk. 

Geisha nights at Cavalli Club is a sushi lover’s dream. For Dhs299 you can gorge on as many beautifully prepared fish rolls as your heart desires. As well as the huge, seemingly never-ending platters of pretty sushi, we try a multitude of meat dishes. 

Tender chicken skewers covered with a light, salty satay sauce arrive. They’re good and a brilliant addition to the seafood-fest that is already happening in the middle of the table. 

Our fave non-fish dish has to be the beef skewers. Our portion arrives on its own charcoal BBQ, miniature- sized to fit perfectly by our plates. The beef is juicy, chunky and still slowly cooking over the heat. Dipped in soy sauce, this meaty stick is bound to please any carnivores. As will the dumplings, which are perfectly steamed and packed with delicately seasoned chicken. 

Our partner is a fish fan and declares the sushi offering to be ‘perfection’. It’s also a healthier evening brunch than most. We all know how good sushi is for you (Posh eats it, so therefore it must be), and the meat skewers are grilled, the dumplings steamed. A giant bowl of bright green steaming edamame beans arrives, salted and delicious – another Victoria Beckham-approved treat. Beverages are refreshed throughout while we sit back in our furry leopard-print chair looking up at the chandeliers, making us feel a bit like J-Lo. And who doesn’t want that on a Monday night? 

INFO: Dhs299, 8.30pm- midnight, Fairmont Hotel, SZR, Dubai, 050 991 0400, dubai.cavalliclub.com