Dinner Review: Fogueira Restaurant & Lounge, Ramada Plaza

A Brazilian meat feast for the ultimate protein boost
ByAndre NevelingSunday , 30 July 2017
Dinner Review: Fogueira Restaurant & Lounge, Ramada Plaza

Wish you could brunch every day of the week? Well, at Ramada Plaza’s Fogueira, you technically can. Located on the hotel’s 35th floor and with epic views of Dubai Marina and JBR, Fogueira is a Brazilian churrascaria all-you-can-eat meat concept, serving an incredible 15 cuts of chicken, lamb and beef. It’s the type of place you take a vegetarian to if you really dislike them.

Fortunately, we arrive hungry, but that still doesn’t prepare us for the amount of meat on offer. A double-sided card on the table is used to indicate whether or not they should keep serving you. Green means ‘I want more’ and red means ‘stop’. After 10 minutes we give up and turn to red. Another 30 min later, we’re back on green. This goes on for most of the night. Prepared authentically, every single cut is slowly cooked to tender perfection. A highlight of the meat on rotation is the chicken hearts. Fear not – they are delicious and rich in flavour.

And that’s not all. An impressive salad bar features a variety of side dishes like tropical mixed salads, palm hearts and avocado. Then there’s also Brazilian specialities such as farofa, black beans, polenta, mashed potatoes with beef bacon, steamed rice, fried banana and freshly baked cheese bread – pao de queijo.

For dessert, we’re presented with a selection of Brazilian chocolate and coconut candy balls, plus passionfruit mousse and chocolate ganache. The desserts are all small and rich, and exactly the right portion size after our feast. Truth be told, despite our self-inflicted meat sweats, we do however order more of the chewy candy balls (YOLO). As mentioned, the views from the terrace are beyond incredible. Due to the peak summer weather we opt for inside seating, but when we return in a few months’ time (because it’s impossible to try all the cuts of meat in one sitting), we’re definitely asking for an outside table. It’s the kind of view that will undoubtedly make your Instagram followers jealous.

Adding to the atmosphere, a samba dancing show and live music completes the lively Brazilian dining experience. We also have to add that the sta , many of whom are Brazilian, are incredibly speedy, e icient, and most of all, friendly. The lovely restaurant manager, Andrea, even o ers us travel tips for Brazil, and promises to introduce us to her friends back home when we do eventually go. It’s the type of hospitality that money can’t buy, leaving a smile on our (meat- sweat-drenched) faces as we finally leave for the night. Obrigado!

INFO: Dhs335 (soft drinks), Dhs360 (Brazilian mixed drinks), Dhs445 (house beverages), open daily, 6.30pm-midnight (dinner), Ramada Plaza Hotel Jumeirah Beach, Dubai, 04 439 8813, ramadaplazajbr.com 

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