Dinner Review: Eve Penthouse & Lounge, Hyatt Regency Dubai Creek Heights

Dinner Review: Eve Penthouse & Lounge, Hyatt Regency Dubai Creek Heights

05 Dec 2018

Dubai’s newest picturesque rooftop lounge

What’s with Dubai Creek these days? There has been an influx of new venues in the area recently, adding some much-needed buzz and glamour to the Creekside scene.

Located on the 34th floor of the Hyatt Regency Dubai Creek Heights, Eve is one of these new venues, and is fast becoming the city’s most-talked-about new rooftop lounge. Serving up a diverse blend of mixed drinks and cosmopolitan bites, it also offers unrivalled views of the city. Not just the usual Burj Khalifa or Marina views, but unrivalled 360-degree views of old and new Dubai from a totally different angle than we’re used to (okay, maybe not a full 360 degrees, but we’ve never been good at maths anyway).

Dinner Review: Eve Penthouse & Lounge, Hyatt Regency Dubai Creek Heights

The entire concept is inspired by its owner, simply known as Eve, who we’re told loves the finer things in life, and is always traveling. As a result, the décor is inspired by her travels, and most of the artworks are painted by the mysterious woman herself.

The venue itself is vast, with indoor and outdoor options, lounges and high tables, and even a hidden playroom. But with the city on stunning display, and the weather at optimum comfort levels, we head straight to the outdoor section where we make ourselves comfortable in a lounge area.

According to our waitress, the menu is also inspired by Eve – it’s full of modern twists on traditional tastes that fuel her playful and curious spirit. And that includes the wide selection of drinks, which are “originals shaped by the classics”.

The carefully crafted menu is a social one, meaning it’s all about sharing (unless you’re selfish). The selection of starters are light and perfect to nibble on while catching up with pals. It includes everything from edamame hummus and guacamole to osaki maki and vegan tofu, and even a yummy cheese board complete onion marmalade and truffle honey. Perfection!

The mains are just as diverse. We start with a selection of steamed bao buns, which are filled with pulled camel, chicken or beef. The sliced buns are soft and warm (i.e. fresh, like they’re meant to be), with the beef option being our favourite by far. The tacos Baja are just as good, consisting of soft shell crab meat and a yummy habanero mayo sauce. Then there’s the moreish steamed chicken dumplings, which is topped off with sweet mint chilli sauce. When we said the flavours were diverse, we weren’t kidding.

Finally, we end off with a protein boost courtesy of the anticuchos, which is a fancy word for prawn, chicken and beef skewers, served with a Peruvian panca sauce. By now we’re unable to get through the last dish, but it’s so good we unashamedly ask for a takeaway.

Dinner Review: Eve Penthouse & Lounge, Hyatt Regency Dubai Creek Heights

Just when we think we’re done, we spot some desserts doing the rounds, and a sugar craving kicks in. The dessert menu consists of a flourless chocolate torte, baked Alaska with oven baked ice cream, a classic tiramisu and even a fresh fruit platter, for the more health conscious (not us, FYI). Instead, we go straight for the rich and flavourful passion fruit and pistachio crème brûlée, which is the perfect end to our night.

Whoever this mysterious Eve is, she’s got good taste. Not just food and drinks, but also décor and venue. As a result, it feels like an extension of her home. Next time, she should join us. We insist.

INFO:  34th Floor Hyatt Regency Dubai Creek Heights, Open Sat-Wed 4.30pm-2am, Thu-Fri 4.30pm-3am, 04 553 1214