Dinner Review: Cabana, Address Dubai Mall

Kick off your weekend with a mighty protein boost
ByAndre NevelingSaturday , 18 November 2017
Dinner Review: Cabana, Address Dubai Mall

After a long week at the office, we’re often desperate to relax, unwind, and indulge on a Thursday night. And with summer finally over, we prefer doing all that al fresco-style overlooking spectacular views. Yes, we can be difficult to please. Fortunately, there are plenty of venues and concepts that tick all the boxes.

One such concept is the Churrasco Night at Address Dubai Mall’s Cabana. Every Thursday the open-air venue ups its energy with Brazilian Samba dance performances and live music while serving succulent churrasco grills sizzled to perfection. All of this takes place poolside with incredible views of the nearby Burj Khalifa. Now, if that’s not a perfect combination, then we don’t know what is. 

Within minutes of arriving, our weekday worries are a thing of the past. We’ve been to a couple of Brazilian churrascaria all-you- can-eat meat concepts before, so we know to arrive hungry. Our waiter escorts us to our table, where we receive our red/green coaster. The double-sided card on the table is used to indicate whether or not they should keep serving you. Green means ‘I want more’ and red means ‘stop’. Usually we tend to switch over to red quite fast, but tonight we stay on green throughout the experience. The reason being that it’s a rather large venue and the waiters serving meat only come around every now and then. If you’re starving, this might be frustrating. However, we enjoy the relaxed pace. We don’t feel forced to eat and we don’t end up with dreaded meat sweats about 30 minutes into the meal. 

Trying to explain the meat options is pointless. Pretty much every cut of beef, lamb and chicken you can imagine is served. The grilled king prawns are possibly the biggest and juiciest we’ve come across in years. Our only complaint? Some of the meats are
a bit over-cooked and crispy, but that’s simply down to preference. And understandable, considering the amount of guests they need to please. 

Meat aside, there’s also Brazilian specialities such as farofa, black beans and polenta. And don’t even get us started on the fried pineapple. Still, this isn’t the type of place you’d bring your vegetarian mates to, unless you really, really dislike them. 

With the setting, vibe and food on point, what more can one ask for? Good service, of course. And fortunately, we simply can’t fault Cabana’s impeccable service. Our friendly waiter, Kyaw, goes the extra mile throughout the evening, ensuring our plates and glasses are never empty. In fact, his witty humour gives us LOLs all night long. Meat and fun? That’s exactly how we like to start our weekend. 

INFO: Dhs295 (soft beverages), Dhs385 (house beverages), Thu 7pm-11pm, Address Dubai Mall, 04 438 8888, dine@emaar.com 

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