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BySarah Hedley HymersThursday , 06 August 2015


Introducing… Love Food
Dubai’s new healthy meal delivery service
We all know that eating a healthier more balanced diet can lead to a magnitude of benefits, such as controlled long-term weight loss, improved mood, more energy, healthier skin, hair and nails and reduced risk of ailments such as heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure. It sounds marvellous, but in our time-poor lives it’s tough not to succumb to takeaways. Cue Love Food. Describing itself as the new “gourmet organic meal plan delivery service”, this is by far the tastiest of all the healthy meal plans I’ve tried, with dishes such as Massaman curry with red snapper, herbed quinoa, choy sum and lychee on the menu. Here’s what you need to know…

·       There are three plans available – Vitality, Lifestyle and Power – with an option of two or three meals per day, plus one or two snacks. The cheapest is Vitality 2+1 (with two meals and one snack – you prepare your own breakfast, if required); this starts at Dhs729 per week (five days only) when you sign up for a one-month plan – that’s just over Dhs145 on food per day. The Lifestyle plan is more “nutrient dense” and slightly more expensive starting at Dhs812 for the same number of dishes, and the Power package starts at Dhs1,187 as it’s loaded with extra protein for those wanting to gain muscle.
·       Each day’s meals and snacks are delivered to your door at a time to suit you. The delivery team doesn’t ring your bell unless you ask them to, so you won’t be disturbed, and then you leave the empty containers outside your door for collection.
·       The cooler bags used for delivery are top quality and the food containers are made of glass instead of toxic plastic.
·       Complimentary infused water is included with your meals to help you consume enough fluid each day. Flavours are announced on Love Food’s social media channels the night before and varieties include grape, fennel and grapefruit, and Earl Grey tea, lychee and lemon.
·       Calorie counts aren’t given. The Love Food spokesperson says: “Not all calories are created equal. For example 100 calories in two tablespoons of chocolate chips are not the same as 100 calories in broccoli as there’s a huge difference in the way that they affect your appetite, your energy level and your long-term health. Love Food is not a diet; it’s a lifestyle choice – break away from the concept of dieting and focus on feeding your body healthy, unprocessed, nourishing meals.” FYI: Over five days, I lost 1lb, and assume I’d lose more if I continued with the programme, not least because the controlled portion sizes are smaller than what I’m used to – despite eating less, I didn’t feel hungry.

INFO: 04 321 2663, info@lovefoodme.com, www.lovefoodme.com

My favorite dishes: Sweet potato pancakes with figs and...

... red snapper with curry and herbed quinoa



Ahlan!’s favourite food delivery of the week
Loving the vintage vibe of the soft drinks sent in by Panifico, Fentimans Rose Lemonade and Curiousity Cola.

INFO: Open 7.30am-7.30pm Sun-Thu, Panifico DIFC, Gate Village, Building 04, Podium Level, 04 351 0131, www.panifico.me



3 of the best… 
This issue, we’ve tucked in at Le Meridien’s authentic award-winning Japanese restaurant to experience something a little different…

Chawanmushi, Dhs33
I’ve had a food crush on this savoury custard since I tried it in Shanghai – it’s smooth, silky and full of flavoursome stock with hidden treats like slithers of juicy shrimp.

Nigauri Miso Yitame, Dhs23/41
Pan-fried bitter gourd with pork belly and miso paste – anything loaded with this many bonito flakes gets my vote.

Unagi Kabayaki, Dhs91
Grilled eel with teriyaki sauce – eel is so underrated in Western cuisine.

INFO: Kiku, Le Meridien Dubai, Airport Road, 04 702 2445, www.lemeridien-dubai.com



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