Diner en Blanc returns to Dubai

The invite-only event is back
ByAndre NevelingTuesday , 08 December 2015
Diner en Blanc returns to Dubai

The prestigious Diner en Blanc is back in Dubai for another VIP gathering.

This event was created 27 years ago in Paris (latest edition saw 16,000 people gather in Palais Royal) and has spread internationally since then. The venue is always exceptional and sometimes unconventional – it is kept secret until the last minute. It is devoid of any commercial or profit purpose, people gather to have fun and enjoy an exclusive moment.

The authentic Diner en Blanc is invitation-only, guests can only be co-opted, there is no on-line registration nor waiting list nor website nor FB page. Dress-code is strict: all-white, chic elegance and extravagance. People bring their own picnic: home-made food and necessary equipment. Organizers are anonymous and rely on a secret organisation: they define the location, the date and the list of guests.

Crossing fingers we make the list! 

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