Diet Food Staples

The nutritious necessities you MUST have in your cupboard
Hala Barghout
Hala Barghout

Q What foods should I always have in my cupboard to help me eat healthily? Rima, 26
A. This list of nutritious staples will help you stay on track:
Sauces Light dressings that include olive oil or canola oil, stir-fry sauce, sweet and sour sauce, hoisin sauce, marinara and pizza sauce, plus salsa verde, enchilada sauce, taco sauce, and red salsa.
Canned foods Tomatoes and tomato sauce, beans (black beans, kidney beans), broth (it adds moisture without adding a lot of fat and calories), fish (water-packed tuna or salmon).
Dry foods Whole wheat pasta, brown or wild rice, quinoa, wholegrain breakfast cereals, nuts, plus spices  for flavouring your meals. HALA.

Hala Barghout, BSc Nutrition and Dietetics. Hala will sort out the facts from the fads.

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