Did You Know There's A Swimming Pool At Dubai Airport?

That's one way to pass time between flights...
ByFarah AndrewsWednesday , 23 May 2018
Did You Know There's A Swimming Pool At Dubai Airport?

Dubai Airport is, no doubt, a hive of activity! With bars, restaurants, cafes and shops to busy yourself in ahead of or between flights, it's not easy to be bored at DXB! 

As well as sleeping pods and the world's fastest airport wifi, it's a hive of activity... but we had NO IDEA that you could actually go for a swim at the airport. 

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According to the Dubai International Hotel website, the swimming pool and health club is located at Hotel levels of Terminal 3 - Concourse C (above C15 gate) Concourse B (above B12/B22 gates), and another is set to open soon in Concourse A (above A1 gate).

The Health Clubs offer the following facilities: 

  • Swimming pool (Concourses B & C only)
  • Ladies and Gents jacuzzi
  • Ladies and Gents steam room
  • Ladies and Gents sauna
  • Shower stalls
  • In Body - Body Composition Analyzer (Concourse C only)

Would you want to take a dip between flights? Let us know @ahlanlive 

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