Did One Direction's Niall Horan Steal Ellie Goulding Away From Ed Sheeren?

Looks like there’s bad blood brewing between the English singers all in the name of love
ByRashmi JeetendraTuesday , 09 September 2014
Did One Direction's Niall Horan Steal Ellie Goulding Away From Ed Sheeren?
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Much like pop princess Taylor swift, British singer Ed Sheeren uses situations from his own life for lyrical inspiration, which is exactly why everyone’s wondering who inspired Mr. Sheeren to pen down the chart busting break up song Don’t, which belts out a heart wrenching tale of a cheating girlfriend.

Well, it has been rumoured that the song is about 20-year-old Niall Horan from One direction and Ed’s former flame Ellie Goulding, who reportedly went behind the Kiss Me hitmaker’s back to form a whispered more-than-just friends alliance.

Ed has neither confirmed nor denied the gossip. However, in a new interview yesterday, Monday 8 September, on a Howard Stern’s radio show, the 23-year-old hinted at some girl drama with one of the members of One Direction.

When asked whether the popular summer tune refers to his current situation with his cheating ex, the singer-songwriter initially refused to comment.

“The papers say a lot of things,” he said. “I didn’t really come out of the cheating situation upset. I just thought it was a bit disrespectful. I got over it as soon as the song was written and the release happened pretty soon after."

The singer later admitted that he had confronted his “backstabbing” friend about the breach in bro code after rumours about his illicit affair with Ed’s then girl friend, Ellie had surfaced.

"It’s a difficult conversation to have," Sheeren said and continued "he was my mate, so I was just a bit like, ‘um not cool.”

When questioned about whether or not he was talking about the boy band, Ed denied that he was, but then subtly added, “Well, it depends which one you’re talking about."

While the Lego House singer is still being cryptic about the duo that inspired his song, he basically admitted that he had some girl drama with at least one of the

members of the pop band! We're pretty sure he's not talking about Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik, or Liam Payne, since they all have steady girlfriends, so that leaves Harry Styles and Niall Horan.

Since the four time Grammy award winning singer, whose real name is Mathew Sheeren, recently revealed that he considers Harry Styles as one of his best mates in an interview with a British magazine, it looks like little Niall is the probable culprit for his heart ache.


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