Diane Kruger Knows How to Manipulate Men

Actress admits she uses her feminine wiles to control boyfriends
ByNatasha FaruqueThursday , 12 June 2014
Diane Kruger Knows How to Manipulate Men
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Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson at the 2014 Vanity Fair party in L.A.

It’s refreshing to hear a Hollywood star being candid; but even we were surprised to hear 37-year-old actress Diane Kruger admit she’s not averse to being manipulative in her personal relationships.

The star, who is played crafty bride-to-be Isabelle in French film A Perfect Plan, out this summer, said the part made her realise she's been guilty of using her womanly charms to her advantage in the past when it comes to men.

She told Stylist magazine: "Maybe [I'm] not like Isabelle, but I've certainly been guilty in the past of being slightly manipulative when it comes to boyfriends. I think, as women, we know instinctively how to push men's buttons. We know which fights to pick and which to leave. And we know that if we pick a certain type of dress, we'll get a certain type of reaction."

Diane, who has been dating Dawson's Creek actor Joshua Jackson since 2006, went on to disclose that she believes falling in love is all about the right timing.

She pondered: "As you grow older, you realise a lot of it has to do with timing and what phase you're in. Obviously, you don't choose the person you fall in love with. But whether or not you, as a person, are ready for that love is a different question."

The striking star won't be walking down the aisle with Joshua, however, following her first failed marriage to French actor Guillaume Canet.Asked whether she still stood by her anti-marriage stance, she replied: "Yes. That hasn't changed."

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