Dhs500 fine announced for this traffic offence in Abu Dhabi

Better get those cars moving, people!
ByMashal AbbasiSunday , 26 November 2017
Dhs500 fine announced for this traffic offence in Abu Dhabi

Minor traffic accidents are common on UAE roads, and usually do nothing but raise tempers and dent bumpers.

But how many times have you been stuck in traffic only to realise that it was because someone simply didn't move their car after being involved in a minor fender bender? Many people choose to simply keep their cars where they are, resulting in traffic jams that could easily be avoided.

Abu Dhabi police has just announced a special Dhs500 fine for these people! If you are involved in a minor accident and your car is obstructing traffic, you will be coughing up some cash if you don't move it.

The fine will come into effect starting December 1, and is in line with Article No. 98 of 2017, and is based on the ministerial resolution No. (178) 'obstructing traffic in any way', reports Khaleej Times.

So remember, move your car onto the side of the road, that hard shoulder's there for a reason!

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