Dhs250,000 FINE for swearing on Whatsapp!

Dhs250,000 FINE for swearing on Whatsapp!

16 Jun 2015

Thanks to a new UAE law, bad language online can land you in serious trouble

Users of WhatsApp might want to watch what they say from now on. According to Emirates247.com, people using expletives online could be fined a whopping Dhs250,000 and jailed while expats may be deported as well, under the new federal law governing internet users.

The new law was stressed by the Federal Supreme Court when it overturned two lower court sentences fining a man Dhs3,000 after being convicted of swearing at someone on WhatsApp. The prosecutor claimed that the sentence was too light and didn’t conform to the new online law that has been put in place. The Federal Supreme Court supported the prosecutors appeal, enforcing the new law governing information technology crimes including a fine of up to Dhs250,000 and deportation.

The court demanded a retrial for the offender by another court as the previous sentence cleared him from threat charges.