Details about Dubai Steps REVEALED

Details about Dubai Steps REVEALED

24 Jul 2016

The steps will symbolise Dubai's progress

Recently, the Dubai Media Office's official Twitter account revealed the location, height and purpose of Dubai Steps, the city’s eye-catching giant staircase that is in development.

According to reports, the 25-storey structure will reach 100 metres into the sky from near Union Square and it would take up to a year to construct the 500-step tower.

The report added that the Dubai Steps would launch out from a town square, complete with a obelisk-like monument, will have five dedicated rest and event areas, every 100 steps, for those tackling the long walk to the top. The report further highlighted that the structure’s overall purpose is three-fold, for sport, recreation or relaxation.

According to reports, the steps will be symbolise 'the challenges faced by Dubai and the emirate's progress'.