Desigual gets designer cred

It's not often you find a global brand that is handmade
Wednesday , 24 March 2010
Desigual gets designer cred
Global brand Desigual

Artistic, original and homegrown is how Desigual’s new collection is taking charge of the market. Developed by Thomas Meyer in 1984, Desigual is sold in over 70 countries around the world and counting. Going forward they are going back to their roots that began in Ibiza. The international fashion label is redeveloping its relationship with craftsmanship from specific regions and attention to detail.

“White, crochet and lace set the heartbeat of Ibiza line,” said Desigual designers. If you hit the stores you’ll see this influence floating through blouses, dresses, patchwork jackets and even cargo pants.

Desigual also focuses on Honolulu as a source of inspiration. “A vibrant palette pervades the most summery line in the collection.” Heading to the beach or just out for the day? You’ll look fab in one of their Turkish style pantaloons worn over the bright swimsuits in store.

And if you want to go from day to night, no problem, they have you covered too. “Lots of chic tops, mini-dresses, jumpsuits and trench coats have been worked into the collection.”

The best bit is that every little button, stitch and colour dye is unique. No two garments are ever identical, never the same, always…Desigual.

Desigual, Dubai Mall, 04 339 9408; Dubai Marina Mall, 04 399 7893; Bahrain City Centre, 01 717 8059