Designer Crocs – WOULD YOU?

Designer Crocs – WOULD YOU?

15 Oct 2017

They’re currently dividing (and entertaining) the fashion world. But has Balenciaga gone too far?

The ‘ugly’ shoe trend has been knocking around for a few years. Ever since Brit style icon Alexa Chung started wearing primary school-like Margaret Howell flats, it’s been sartorially acceptable to ditch painful stilettos and embrace a less dressy pair. But are Crocs a (comfortable) step too far?
Last season Scottish designer Christopher Kane sent models clad in Crocs clogs down the runway.

Not just any Crocs. The Kane variety were marbled and covered in giant, glittering rocks and gemstones. FROWs gasped in shock. Could he REALLY be trying to make Crocs an It buy? Yup, and it worked. All of a sudden street style bloggers and influencers were being snapped wearing the practical shoe.

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With their snout-like front and nostril openings, the humble original Crocs clog looks a little like a dumpy dragon. On first look there is no way a person with any semblance of style would be seen dead wearing them. Plastic Crocs have been a Marmite shoe ever since they appeared on the style scene. To look at, the original shape couldn’t be described as anything other than clumpy. Mums are big fans, kitted little ones out in mini pairs on the beach. But can an adult pull them off?

The magic happens when you slip said Croc onto the foot. Light as air and with a textured sole that massages aching feet, they’re actually a dream to wear.

Kane’s second Crocs collaboration are even jazzier. Looking sleeker than the chunky clog, the SS18 styles feature a flat base with scuba-like webbing and the prettiest embellishment. If we were unsure about the AW17 Crocs, these new pairs have won us over.

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Christopher wasn’t the only designer to enlist the charms of the ugly-yet-fascinating shoe. Balenciaga took Crocs game to new heights with pairs of brightly coloured platforms popping up on their SS18 runway. The Spice Girls-style boots are covered in kitsch badges and come in a variety of bubblegum pop shades. Way more fun than Kane’s grown up variety, we could definitely see Baby Spice tottering about in these. But would YOU rock them? Some fashion followers have alreadt decided against the mega clogs, tweeting their dismay. “I feel offended.” A little excessive, eh?

We’re actually really feeling these. Here’s to ditching feet-busting stilettos for comfy designer Crocs!