Depp and Paradis go ‘overboard’ at Christmas

They make it an unforgettable experience for their kids
Depp and Paradis go ‘overboard’ at Christmas
Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis

JOHNNY DEPP and VANESSA PARADIS always spend too much money at Christmas - because they want the festive period to be "spectacular" for their children.

The couple, who have dated since 1998, have two children - 10-year-old daughter Lily-Rose and son Jack, seven.

And the pair goes to huge lengths to make each Christmas an unforgettable experience.

Paradis says, "We kind of go overboard. I'd like to say we aren't materialistic, but, you know, all those presents around the tree, those colours, that magical sight - you want that for your kids. We do tend to want to make it... spectacular."

And the French star is still shocked at one present Depp bought for her several years ago: "It's a chain; it's not fancy jewellery, it's just a little metal heart... that used to belong to Marilyn Monroe. That's the best, materially. No question."