Demi Moore sported glasses last week (September 23) spuring rumours she was going blind

Demi Moore's eyesight scare

28 Sep 2010

Fashion faux pas: “I rocked an eye patch for years”

Demi Moorehas spoken out about an eye issue that has plagued her for years which has caused much speculation recently that she is now blind. After sporting glasses recently the Hollywood actress has left people questioning whether she has gone blind but according to Demi it’s all because of a crippling condition she had as a child.

“I had a lazy eye as a kid my right eye is weak!” she tweeted to fans recently who were curious about her condition. When a fan asked if it was true that she was blind in one eye she replied “no it’s not.” She continued to discuss the matter saying that she underwent eye surgery to correct her lazy eye. “I did [have eye surgery] when I was a kid but still need glasses!”

“I rocked an eye patch for years!”

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