Demi Moore's Back on Top

Ashton Kutcher plans a spiritual make-up mini break while cougar Demi Moore goes after a new toy boy...
Tuesday , 26 June 2012
Demi Moore's got taste...
Demi Moore's got taste...
..she clearly likes Joe for his intelligence and personality
..she clearly likes Joe for his intelligence and personality
Ash’s allegedly trying to get 
Demi back...
Ash’s allegedly trying to get Demi back...
...but he’s still often spotted 
with Mila!
...but he’s still often spotted with Mila!

Revenge tastes – or should we say looks – pretty sweet for Demi Moore. While her estranged husband Ashton Kutcher is setting up a spiritual mini break to try to save their marriage, a holiday with her ex was the last thing on Demi’s mind as she cosied up to tasty True Blood star Joe Manganiello. Muscular Manganiello, 35, caught the 49-year-old cougar’s eye at a party following the premiere of his new movie That’s My Boy at LA’s Napa Valley Grille, and the pair reportedly spent the night getting to know each other. Though Joe has denied being involved with Demi, a source told Heat, “They looked amazing together. Demi was getting a lot more attention than a lot of the younger girls in the room, and Joe was seen waiting for her before they went off and hung out together at the party. They had amazing chemistry.” The insider added, “Demi has finally got her groove back – and it’s all thanks to meeting Joe. She’s feeling confident again and, more importantly, sexy.”

At 35, Joe is a lot older than 24-year-old Zac Efron, the last younger man Demi went after. In February, it was reported that Demi “tracked down” Zac in an LA club and was calling him and texting him.

But while Demi seems to have moved on, Ashton’s not ready to give up on the actress, who’s gained a stone and looks better than ever since checking out of a stint in rehab in March. “Back then Demi was basically living on Red Bull, but now she’s eating balanced meals that include protein, complex carbs and organic vegetables. She’s also been swimming and doing yoga every day,” another source dished.

Ashton, who allegedly cheated on his wife before they split, has taken the advice of the couple’s spiritual advisor, Yehuda Berg, and planned a mini break to help him reconnect with Demi. No surprise that Ash’s listening to Yehuda – it was at his birthday party in May that he gave his famous “I’ve made all these horrendous mistakes in the last year” speech.

“Ashton has booked a private lodge up Big Bear mountain in Southern California for the two of them. On Yehuda’s advice they will have separate bedrooms and are not to have any physical contact for the time they are there,” said a source, adding, “Yehuda told both of them they need time together to reconnect and block all outside influences and opinions out.” But a reconciliation is far from decided. “Everything is being supervised by Yehuda,” continued the source, “this weekend will really be the decider.”

But are Ashton and Demi ready to try reconciliation? She’s getting her confidence back, and while Ash’s making an effort with Demi, he’s also been spending time with “good friend” Mila Kunis. A spy says, “Her car has allegedly been parked outside Ashton’s LA abode overnight on more than one occasion.”

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