Demi Moore insisted on waiting until kids were older to release 'painful' memoir

Demi Moore insisted on waiting until kids were older to release 'painful' memoir

03 Nov 2019

Demi Moore was conscious of her kids' emotions when writing her memoir, Inside out. In the book, the actress opens up about her lengthy drug and alcohol addiction, a teenage rape, a miscarriage, and threesomes she and Ashton Kutcher experienced during their marriage, among other revelations.

The star shares daughters Rumer, 31, Scout, 28, and Tallulah, 25 with ex Bruce Willis and, speaking on the Present Company with Krista Smith podcast, the Ghost actress revealed she wanted to wait until her kids were old enough to understand why she was releasing the "painful" memoir.

“There’s things in there… it’s not that I wanted to keep it from them or hide anything, it’s just stuff that you don’t necessarily, well, when they’re younger, want to bring forward,” Demi explained. “It would be either too complicated or inappropriate, and then there’s some stuff that you just don’t think about. Then at the end of the book, there’s also some things that are reflective of a painful time in my life, but also of theirs.”

Last month, Inside Out reached the top of the The New York Times Best Sellers list, and Rumer confessed in a chat with the Wall Street Journal's WSJ. magazine she saw a different side to her mum through the tome.

"I feel like one of the most beautiful parts of her writing this book is everyone who has been a fan of hers or who has loved her for so long will get to see all of those pieces, to see this vulnerable and very beautiful and sometimes intense side that they may not have seen before," she explained.