Demi Moore Committed

05 Aug 2009

Actress is planning on changing her name to Mrs Kutcher

DEMI MOORE ids reportedly planning on changing her surname to Kutcher to mark her fourth anniversary with hubby ASHTON KUTCHER.

The actress is said to feel ‘comfortable' enough after four years together to finally take her husband's name.

The actress was born Demi Guynes, and picked up the surname Moore from her first husband Freddie Moore.

She later married actor BRUCE WILLIS and had three children with him, but never changed her surname, despite being married for 13 years.

But despite Demi's big decision, Ash says he's not really bothered either way.

He says: "I think it would be fantastic, but at the same time, it's a name, you know? Like, call me Mr. Moore, I don't care. I've been called a lot worse!"