Demi Moore is Back in Action

23 Oct 2012

MIssing Demi spotted in NYC! But is she really over Ashton?

OMG! Demi’s back! We haven’t seen her exceptionally well-preserved features around T’Town since June, but she’s obviously finished licking her wounds over Ashton and Mila, recovered from her latest ‘refreshing’ procedure and is once again ready for her close-up. Well done, Demi, you look amaze!

The Daily Mail spilled, “It has been reported in recent weeks that she has been worrying friends amid claims she’s ‘struggling to cope’ with the split from Ashton Kutcher. But on 17 October, Demi Moore single-handedly dismissed the reports as she attended a charity gala in NYC.” But is Demi really over Ashton?

A source told People, “Her friends aren’t convinced she’s all better.” The mag also revealed that Ashton’s friends were as blindsided as Demi by his romance with Mila. Ashton’s pal told the weekly, “I would have never believed Ashton could get serious this fast. He was so happy to get out from under the stagnant relationship with Demi that he was overeager to play around and have fun. But it didn’t take long to bring him home again.” Demi, don’t worry, you look fab!