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Demi Lovato Quits Social Media

21 Jun 2016

Find out why!

On Monday, Demi Lovato took to Twitter to announce she’ll leave two famous social media platforms. The singer tweeted: “Bye Twitter and Insta”.

Although she didn’t explained why, her decision may come after she received a nasty backlash from Mariah Carey’s fans.

Last Friday, the 23-year-old commented on Instagram on a meme posted by Mariah in which she compares herself to Ariana Grande with the caption: “When you order it online vs when it arrives". The obvious not-so hidden message being that Mariah thinks Ariana can’t match up to her own vocals.

Demi then wrote: "You got it the wrong way around honey", hinting she preferred Ariana to Mariah and explained her remarks by saying the 47-year-old singer was “dissing people”. Mariah’s fans were furious and hit back at Demi with icky comments.

Demi’s fans be reassured, the star hasn’t exactly deleted her accounts. She’ll just avoid using them for now. And even though she’ll be away from Twitter and Instagram, she’ll keep using Snapchat. She said: “I like snapchat cause I don’t have to see what some of y’all say”.

Let’s hope she changes her mind!