Demi Lovato Defends Ariana Grande

Mariah Carey's fans abuse Demi after she sticks up for Ariana Grande & JLo
ByJJ AnisiobiWednesday , 29 June 2016
Demi Lovato Defends Ariana Grande
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Demi Lovato seems to be on a mission lately to defend the helpless. The only problem with her latest conquest is that Ariana Grande, who is pretty loud and outspoken herself, never asked for her assistance and now Mariah Carey’s crazy fans are gunning for Demi.
Back with a Vengeance
Miss Lovato has backtracked on her promise to quit social media and has vowed to be “more honest than ever”. The Cool for the Summer star took to Twitter last Monday to announce her intention to disconnect from both Twitter and Instagram after internet trolls took aim at her for daring to diss Mariah Carey. But a little over 24 hours later, Demi was back in action and promised to have no filter on her future posts this time around. “F*** this. I’m back b******, and I’m coming back more honest than ever,” she wrote before tweeting an emoji of a smiling face with sunglasses, a middle finger and a mischievous face with devil horns in another message. 
Don’t Mess with Mariah
The pop star added that a big reason for her return to social media was her fans, writing: “I love my Lovatics too  much to leave them over some lame haters. What was I thinking?!” Demi’s social media break was prompted after she received nasty backlash from angry Mariah Carey fans, who were defending their idol after Demi criticised her on Instagram. Fan furore began when Demi commented on an Instagram meme comparing Mariah to Ariana Grande, with the caption: “When you order it online vs when it arrives”, which suggested the user felt Ariana cannot match up to Mariah. Demi wrote: “You got it the wrong way around, honey,” hinting that she preferred Ariana to Mariah, and she later explained her remarks by criticising Mariah for the way she treats people. 
JLo Wants to Stay Out of it
“Mariah is a legend and is so talented but constantly disses people,” she wrote in an Instagram comment. “It’s nasty the way she treats Jennifer [Lopez]. Ariana did nothing wrong.” Mariah famously told the paparazzi: “I don’t know her,” when asked about Demi’s pal Jennifer in the early 2000s. And Jennifer has since responded to Demi’s recent online feud, telling US entertainment news show Access Hollywood that social media and spats on the platforms don’t even matter that much to her in the grand scheme of things. “We’re friends,” Jennifer explained. “She has to do what she wants to do and I do what I do. I think the younger generation, it’s so important to them, and it’s not as important to me, in that sense.” 

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