Demi and Ashton do good on Valentine's Day

How they’re using the romantic holiday to help those in need
Monday , 08 February 2010
Demi and Ashton do good on Valentine's Day
Demi and Ashton do good on Valentine's Day

He may be starring in the new film Valentine’s Day, but in reality, Ashton Kutcher is not a fan of the romantic occasion.

The Punk’d host, who married actress Demi Moore in 2005, has a different view of romance, one which his wife seems to agree with (and we kinda like too). "I think every day should be a day of romance," he told Parade magazine. "Then, on Valentine's Day, you should get to tell whoever you hate that you cannot stand them. There would be one day of hating, and 364 days of love."

This year, Demi and Ashton have decided to ditch the chocolates and Valentine’s gifts and instead, are planning to make February 14 extra special for 270 human trafficking victims by sending each one of them roses.

"I struck up an agreement with the wife this year that we're not going to try to do something big for each other and instead the best way we can celebrate the day is to share our love with other people,” the actor explained.

“There's an organisation in New York called GEMS that helps human trafficking we're going to make all those girls our Valentines this year. I think there are 270 girls, so we're going to send them all flowers so they can know they can be loved by someone without them having to ask for anything in return.”

Kudos to both of you!