Delivery Review: Wok Boyz,  Al Durrah Tower

Delivery Review: Wok Boyz, Al Durrah Tower

23 Jul 2018

We size up one of the new take-outs on the block...

Here in Dubai, we’re all known to indulge in takeaway food pretty regularly, so when you find the perfect delivery, you treasure it. That is exactly what we think we have found in Wok Boyz.

The new Asian delivery service on the block promises to deliver “your wok, your way”, meaning you can customise your order – down to the veggies included – to make sure your order is exactly to your liking. Perfect!

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We browse the menu, and a few of the starters instantly catch our eye, including the spicy Korean wings, prawn tempura, veggie spring rolls and, of course, prawn crackers – is any Asian delivery complete without them?

When the food arrives at our door, not a minute past the promised delivery slot, we almost rip the bag apart, ready to get stuck into the dishes.
The spicy Korean wings are a Wok Boyz signature dish, and boy, do they pack a punch! The prawn tempura is a little greasier than we would have hoped for, but overall, we love the starters.

We have a lot of fun ordering the mains, customising each of the Wok Boyz boxes. The menu is broken down by base, protein, veg, sauce and topping – so there are no unexpected surprises in your order. This is the ideal delivery for any fussy eaters out there (we’re pretty fussy ourselves TBH).

One of the best things about Wok Boyz has to be the variety of bases. Far from just a standard rice or noodles situation, you can choose between jasmine rice, egg noodles, udon noodles, soba noodles, brown rice, mixed vegetables and quinoa. 

food review, dubai, uae, delivery, wok boyz, takeout

We opt for udon noodles, with chicken, bok choy, mixed peppers, Wok Boyz special sauce, and spring onions. You can even go so far as to dictate the spice and sauciness level. Our dish arrives exactly how we want it, with a kick of spice, and we love the special sauce – a chilli basil sauce with garlic. The veggies are cooked to perfection, with some bite, and we don’t feel like we’ve been totally gluttonous, thanks to the light sauce.

We also order a portion of soba noodles with prawns, bok choy, shiitake mushrooms, in the Indonesian heat sauce. We wanted that one to be extra spicy, making it ideal for dipping the crispy spring rolls and prawn crackers. 

Would we order Wok Boyz again? We already have. In fact, we’re pretty much regulars now.

Plus! This summer, Wok Boyz is opening a new branch, located in Dubai Internet City, Building 3.

INFO: Wok Boyz, Al Durrah Tower, Sheikh Zayed Road, Trade Center Area, 04  330 0060,