Delivery Review: The Lunchbox

A perfect combination of health and taste...
ByAndre NevelingMonday , 16 April 2018
Delivery Review: The Lunchbox

If you’re anything like us, cooking is a foreign concept to you. Because after working, gymming, being social and trying to get life admin done, the last thing we want to do is worry about grocery shopping and cooking. Fortunately, the take-out options in the UAE are endless, but finding something healthy to eat, that’s also tasty and somewhat affordable, can be a challenge. So when we were asked to try out low carb delivery service The Lunchbox, we were intrigued.

The low carb Lunchbox concept is an easy two-step process. A Lunchbox meal is made up of a main and a side dish. It is a flexible system to make sure you mix and match the dishes are per your own personal preference, with each meal made from fresh and organic ingredients. Plus the menu rotates on a weekly basis to ensure you have plenty of choice and don’t get bored, as we’ve experienced with many other meal plans in the past. Obviously the fat, protein, carbs and calories of each meal is measured, so you know exactly what you’re consuming.

The reality of the situation? The food is REALLY good. Initially we experimented with a few options, and we’ll admit, some were hit and miss. But this is merely down to personal taste. Once we found our groove, we couldn’t get enough of our healthy meals.

We love the smash mash, which consists of cauliflower and garlic, and the flavourful cauliflower rice aptly called ‘it’s not rice’.

In terms of proteins, the eggplant beef lasagne is a must-try, and so is the chicken in peanut cream sauce. Our favourite, however, is the peppercorn steak.

Best of all, The Lunchbox is actually affordable! There are various pricing options, but a monthly plan will only set you back Dhs1,490, which works out Dhs37.25 a meal.

INFO: Delivers Sun-Thu. To place orders, visit or call 800 LUNCH

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