David Walliams Rescues Drowning Dog

Branded a hero during charity swim but problems lay ahead
Sunday , 11 September 2011
David starts his eight day swim
David starts his eight day swim
David gears up to hit the water
David gears up to hit the water
David pretends to take a dive
David pretends to take a dive

British comedian David Walliams has been hailed a hero after rescuing a dog from England's River Thames during his marathon swim fundraiser on Saturday (10 September).

The Little Britain star was raising money for the Sport Relief charity by swimming 140 miles (225 kilometres) along the river from Gloucestershire to Big Ben in London, on Saturday, when things got a little hairy. Walliams turned action man to save a pooch from drowning in the river.

In a series of posts on Twitter, a representative for Sport Relief writes, “Earlier a young Lab dog was in trouble in the river as D (David) swam past and he stopped and helped it to safety! He saved a dog’s life!”

But that wasn’t the worst of David’s woes. He has been advised to abort the challenge early after raw sewage was diverted into the Thames in the London stretch of the river, where he is due to finish on Monday (12 September). Yuck!

Richard Aylard, director of sustainability at Thames Water, tells Britain’s Independent newspaper, “We’ve been in touch with David Walliams and he’ll have to make his own decisions. We’re not public health experts but I wouldn’t recommend swimming through it.”

David Harvey of the Thames Anglers Conservancy adds, “Whoever’s advising (David) needs to take a reality check. I fear for him. He’s basically swimming through diluted effluent.” Gross.

We hope it’s worth it David!

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