David Haye Arrested at Dubai Airport for a Bounced Cheque

David Haye Arrested at Dubai Airport for a Bounced Cheque

28 Apr 2015
By Ahlanlive.com

The boxer was detained at DXB

British boxer David Haye was left red-faced when he was arrested in Dubai on a fraud charge amid allegations he paid for a property with a cheque that bounced.

The sportsman, who is frequently in Dubai, was detained by officials at DXB airport upon his arrival in the United Arab Emirates earlier this month for a vacation.

He was quizzed by cops at a police station and later released from custody, but was ordered to hand over his passport, so the former world heavyweight champion has been stranded in the country for two weeks.

Haye, 34, has now spoken out about his ordeal, revealing the cheque was the final payment on a property he is buying in Dubai, and insisting it bounced due to an administration error.

He tells The Sun newspaper: "The cheque was presented to the bank four days before I landed. It was not due to be presented until final completion of my property, which is due in a few weeks. This was an administrative error which is being rectified. I explained to the police and presented documents as proof. But I totally understand these mistakes can happen."

Writing cheques that bounce is a criminal offence in the UAE and those convicted face jail sentences and hefty fines.