Gumball 3000 London

David Hasselhoff Slapped With Speeding Ticket During Gumball Race

10 Jun 2014

Actor pulled over whilst driving Kitt in the international super-car rally

Knight Rider star David Hasselhoff was held up during the London leg of the infamous Gumball 3000 rally on after police pulled over his famous Knight Rider sports car for speeding.

The former 61 year-old Baywatch star and judge of America’s Got Talent is among the celebrities taking part in the annual event, in which a host of famous faces drive luxury super cars across the world, and the Gumball regular is racing across the globe in a modernised version of his high-performance sidekick Kitt, a car fitted with artificial intelligence which featured in the hit 1980s show.

However, The Hoff ran into a little trouble with cops after he was spotted travelling at high speed, and the actor admits his usual charms failed to convince the officers to let him go with a warning.

He explains, "Police pulled me over, for speeding. Normally on Gumball, when I get pulled over by the police, I have a photo with them and they let me off. But not this year.”

His excuse? "I told them that it wasn't my fault, because Kitt drives itself!"

More than half a million fans turned out to cheer on the celebrity drivers as they pulled up on London's Regent Street on Sunday for the U.K. leg of the world's biggest rally.

The famous shopping district was shut down for the day to allow the fleet of supercars to pass through, with other star participants including rappers Eve, Xzibit, Dizzee Rascal and Tinie Tempah, dance DJ Deadmau5 and British TV host Jonathan Ross.

The Gumball rally continues across Europe, with the finish line set in clubbing-central Ibiza, where Gumball founder Maximillion Cooper will wed hip-hop legend Eve.