David Guetta Wants to Perform in Space

Superstar DJ eyes a turntable space stunt
ByAhlan! Live ReporterTuesday , 21 October 2014
David Guetta Wants to Perform in Space
David Guetta is aiming for new heights

Dance music superstar David Guetta wants to be the first DJ to play a set in space after performing his last album on a plane. Guetta often works on songs while in the air as he says there are no distractions, and he even performed a set whilst flying to Ibiza in 2011. Now he wants to take his gigging to new heights with an intergalactic concert when the planned commercial space flights finally have lift-off.

Speaking on British radio, Guetta says, "This is one of my favourite things, because when I'm on a plane, I have no phone, no Internet, nothing. I love working on my music on the plane - it's amazing. For my previous album, I played it to journalists on the plane. I was DJ-ing on the plane from Paris to Ibiza. That was so cool and people were dancing. It was amazing. Everybody came in close to me, and the pilot was like - 'Whoa! Go back to your seats,' because of course, if everybody goes in the same place, the nose goes down. So they could dance, but they had to stay in their aisles to keep the balance...I was speaking to this guy from the space programme, and he was telling me - 'Okay, so the training is very easy. You just have to fly a few times on a military plane and imagine that it's going to be like this but ten times more intense.' That got me a little scared but to be the first guy to DJ in space? That would be crazy, I mean, that's history."

Now that would be one set we wouldn't want to miss out on!

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