David Guetta Crippled By Panic Attacks

DJ says his music career ground to a halt
ByClaire GlasbyTuesday , 16 December 2014
David Guetta Crippled By Panic Attacks
David Guetta

David Guetta's music career ground to a standstill when he began to suffer crippling panic attacks.

The French DJ started having the anxiety attacks in 2012 and they often stopped him making music as he could not function properly.

He told Britain's The Times newspaper, "There was a moment when I couldn't make music. I would get in the studio and... Panic attacks are when your brain is completely going crazy because you are doing a lot of 'What if, what if, what if.'"

Guetta was too ashamed to discuss the condition with his friends and family, but he plucked up the courage to address his problem after meeting a fellow sufferer at a dinner party.

He explains, "I'm like, 'Oh really, that's interesting.' And I didn't say I had it. I was really ashamed at the time... (But then he said) 'There's one thing you need to understand. No one is going to die. The person who has the panic attack is not going to die. And whatever decision you have to take in your life the person you're going to hurt is not going to die and if someone is going to hurt you you're not going to die either.'

"That (advice) helped me so much, it was incredible. The best way is to face it. Say 'Come on! I'm not afraid of you! Because you know you're not going to die'."

Guetta reveals he has moved forward, but is still not completely recovered, adding, "It's not perfect yet, but it's way, way better." 

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