David: The Game Show Host

Celebs + competition + egos? It's going to be explosive.
Wednesday , 22 December 2010
David: The Game Show Host
David Arquette

Why? He may be a sleazeball, but we find David Arquettehilarious, and his latest “wacky” idea has made us see what Courteney saw in him – he’s a genius.

The Scream actor is launching a game show, which will see celebrity guests rank themselves against their fellow stars. David is producing and hosting Ranking the Stars, in which famous panelists rate how they think they compare to their fellow contestants in a series of tasks such as tipping off the paparazzi. David beamed, “My humour is self-depreciating.

My flaws are what make me funny and I’ve no problem letting people poke fun at that.” Celebs + competition + egos? It’s going to be explosive. We can’t wait!