David Bowie’s Locks to be Auctioned Off

22 Jun 2016

Hard-core Bowie fans can now bid for a piece of the late rock-star

A snippet of David Bowie’s hair, cut in 1983, is being auctioned off on 25th Jun. The hair was cut by a wig maker at Madame Tussauds so she could use it to colour match his wig to his real hair for Bowie’s wax statue.

The auctioneer Margaret Barret, who has sold celebrity hair in the past, believes that they could collect a huge sum on the sale of Bowie’s hair, as they’ve never sold any of Bowie’s hair before, and because fans are devastated by his death.

 Recently some of John Lennon’s hair was sold for quite a large amount, so the auctioneers are expecting interest from mega-fans!  Bidding is open right now, ahead of the sale. Don’t worry, we wouldn’t judge you for wanting those luscious locks!