David Beckham Loses It!

After his dreams to make England’s Olympic squad are shattered, David Beckham cracks!
Tuesday , 10 July 2012
Becks has been in a “foul mood” since missing out on the Olympic squad
Becks has been in a “foul mood” since missing out on the Olympic squad
Even the club mascot got 
Even the club mascot got involved!

Football’s golden boy has had a reality check and he doesn’t like it. “Devastated” David Beckham, 37, has been suspended and fined an “undisclosed” sum after lashing out at fans, players and even an opposing team’s unsuspecting mascot. The incident comes after he was left out of the 18-man England squad for next month’s London Olympics, leaving many to wonder – is Becks cracking up?

The ageing sports star was convinced he’d make the cut and didn’t take kindly to fans back at his home team, LA Galaxy, reminding him of his failure. The seething footballer even tried to scale advertising hoardings surrounding the pitch to attack chanting fans who were taunting him for missing the shortlist and questioning whether he was even good enough to be playing for the US team. And that’s not all. On 1 July, the former England captain displayed more dramatics when he was playing for LA Galaxy against rivals San Jose Earthquakes. Belligerent Becks kicked the ball at an injured player laying on the ground (apparently he felt that the player was just wasting time), and ended the game by arguing with both sets of players as well as the San Jose team mascot.

To add insult to injury, England Olympic team manager Stuart Pearce defended his decision to sideline Becks, telling The Sun, “There is no doubt David had a burning ambition to be part of this; he said it many times before. But the thing is, the other 18 players in my squad have the same burning ambition.” Pearce added, “I admit David not being in the squad is a biggish call but I was only ever going to pick on what I saw with my own eyes. I didn’t pick on personality and I didn’t pick on ticket sales. I picked solely on football reasons and I’m happy with the selections.” Ouch.

Not even a spot of shopping on 4 July could cheer Becks up. According to a British paper, “As he shopped for clothes on Melrose Avenue, the father-of-four appeared to be in a foul mood and clearly wasn’t feeling like indulging in retail therapy either.” Posh, on the other hand, is doing better than ever. Her Victoria Beckham clothing range is flying off the shelves and she’s signed a big bucks deal to collaborate on the interiors of the new special edition Range Rover Evoque. Looks like Dave needs to diversify to keep up. He could try bowls, maybe, or bridge?

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