David Beckham Launches New Fragrance!

David Beckham Launches New Fragrance!

29 Aug 2013
By Ahlanlive.com

Get in on gorgeous David Beckham's scentalicious offering!

Eye candy alert! Hottie David Beckham has launched a new fragrance for men and it's just the thing to buy the special guy in your life! The David Beckham Classic fragrance combines cypress and nutmeg to create a rich manly scent. So, if you’re looking to treat a loved one, you can’t go wrong with this one!

Meanwhile, as a treat for you ladies, we've also got fab pics of Becks and the man himself dishing on the perfume!  

What do you like about the scent?
With all of my scents that we’ve created over the years, we always try to do something different whilst keeping them very classic, which I think we’ve done again with this one. It’s a very mature scent – and classic, of course! For me it appeals to so many different people from kids to older gentlemen. I am really very happy with this one.

How does it reflect your style?
I think this fragrance reflects my style because I’m very English, so I like to dress the part of an English gentleman, but I also always like to make the look my own.

What does the tagline ‘Revise your classic’ evoke to you?
As much as I like to keep my style classic, it’s got to have a modern twist to it as well. ‘Revise your classic’ is about combining these two looks. 

INFO: Dhs170, available at beauty counters across the UAE.