David Beckham caught crying over baby news

David Beckham ‘can’t stop crying’

19 Jan 2011
By Ahlanlive.com

Why he’s so emotional about his new baby

David Beckhamhas had a hard time with his emotions following the announcement that his wife, Victoria is pregnant. The soccer star who was spotted in Essex crying has told friends that he is overwhelmed with impending addition to their family and can’t control his emotions.

A friend of the couple told Mr Paparazzi that Victoria“started a conversation about their future as a family and whether it should be in the UK or US, but when he said they have three children to think about, she smiled and said ‘four’.”

“David just beamed at her and welled up,” continued the insider. “He’s an emotional guy and it was overwhelming for him. He told her he couldn’t have wished for better news.

“If the baby is a girl for him it’ll be one of the greatest achievements of his life. He’s so happy he can’t stop crying!”

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