David Beckham’s Brother-in-Law Woes

Why London broker resigned over celebrity family
Thursday , 08 September 2011
David Beckham
David Beckham
Victoria Beckham and her sister Louise
Victoria Beckham and her sister Louise

Having a famous family these days can land you in more trouble than ever. David Beckham’s brother-in-law has told a tribunal how he felt forced out of his job after failing to introduce his colleagues to his famous family.

Darren Flood, who is married to Victoria Beckham’s sister Louise, resigned from his job at London brokerage firm BGC International after suffering verbal abuse from his boss, a tribunal heard on Wednesday (7 September).

Darren, who has Indian heritage, also alleges he was subjected to racist taunts, and is claiming constructive dismissal. The 32-year-old also told how his employers made life difficult by demanding he set up meetings between the Beckham’s and his clients.

“I was unhappy being asked to bring my personal life into the workplace,” Darren told. “I did not want to exploit the relationship with the Beckham’s. Whilst I said I would see what I could do, it never happened.”

David and Victoria Beckham are yet to speak out on the case. A hearing into the matter continues in East London.

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