Actors Courteney Cox and David Arquette

David Arquette Cried About New Girlfriend

09 Nov 2011

Courteney Cox faced estranged husband's tears over new love

David Arquette has ruled out a reconciliation with Courteney Cox after declaring he’s in love with his new girlfriend Christina McLarty.

The Scream star is dating Christina, who split from adult filmmaker Joe Francis last November (2010) just seven weeks after they married.

Now David insists he’s serious about the TV reporter, telling shock jock Howard Stern he has fallen in love.

When asked by the radio host if he’s happy and in love, he replies, “Yeah, I am... It’s not a rebound.”

Stern then pressed him further by questioning whether he would move back in with Courteney following their separation last summer (2010), prompting David to state simply, “No”.

The actor then revealed Courteney was devastated when he told her about his new relationship, recalling, “She was sad. We were both sad. We both cried.”

After breaking up with the ex-Friend’s star, David enjoyed a fling with waitress Jasmine Waltz. He also went public with that romance during a live on-air phone chat with Stern last year (2010).

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