David Arquette’s In Love!

Courteney Cox is devastated after finding out about her ex's new girlfriend
Tuesday , 29 November 2011
David Arquette spotted with reported girlfriend Christina McLarty
David Arquette spotted with reported girlfriend Christina McLarty
Courteney Cox
Courteney Cox

David Arquette has left ex wife Courteney Cox “devastated” by admitting he is already in love with his latest girlfriend Christina McLarty.

David, 40, declared his love for news reporter Christina during a TV interview, and even introduced her to his and Courtney’s seven-year-old daughter Coco. When asked if he would leave Christina and get back with Courtney if she begged, David simply replied, “No”.

The pair met on the set of Scream in 1996, married three years later and had Coco in 2004, but separated last year after David admitted being unfaithful. Earlier this month Courtney said, “The great thing is that even though we are separated, David and I are still so close. We’re able to talk through everything that happens, so I know that we’re often both feeling the same way and that makes me feel less alone.”

But this latest news has come as a shock for the former Friends star. A source revealed, “David and Courtney have stayed really close since they split up, talking all of the time. She’s really been there for him through thick and thin, especially during his stressful time on Dancing With The Stars. Sometimes it was almost like they hadn’t split up. She really wasn’t expecting him to fall in love again, especially not so quickly.”

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