Dave Crane's Hypnosis

Quitting smoking or talking in Martian tongue? Hynosis can help!
Sunday , 09 March 2008
Dave Crane's Hypnosis

So who can't be hypnotised?

According to resident mind-bender Dave Crane, everybody is hypnotised all the time.

You are naturally in a hypnotic state whenever you listen to music, watch TV, drive your can or access your imagination or memory.

But you won't be hypnotised for a stage show if

1) You are under the influence of alcohol

2) You are under the influence of medication

3) You are mentally unstable (it needs concentration and strong mind to work).

4) You don't want to be hypnotised.

The truth is that you hypnotise yourself and it feels just like meditation, yoga or daydreaming. It's also great as a stress reliever.

In case you missed him the first time round, the charismatic Dave Crane returns with his entertaining and hilarious hypnosis show, scheduled to take place at Cinestar Mall of the Emirate from 8th to 11th of April 2008.

The Dave Crane's Hypnosis Show promises to capture you completely and leave you roaring with laughter. Hmm, just make sure you're willing to be a teeny bit on display before you go! From talking fluent Martian to finding an invisible pet dog, you never know what might happen in this first hand hypnosis session, under Dave's spell.

Having trained hypnosis in Las Vegas, Dave Crane is no stranger to the world of stage having hosted several successful and major events in Dubai, the Middle East and international performance including in the UK, USA, and Greece.

Apart from hypnotherapy, Dave Crane is a Life Designer and through hypnosis he has helped people deal with stress, stop smoking and weight lose.

Dave Crane's Hypnosis s Show

Location: Cinestar Mall of the Emirates

Date: 8 to 11th April 2008

Time: doors open at 7pm

Price: AED 180 @ Cinestar box office MOE

Show duration: 90minutes