Dave Cattanach

The hospitality guru overseeing a little piece of Ireland in the heart of Dubai
Monday , 03 April 2017
Dave Cattanach
Dave Cattanach
  • In 2016, we opened a new Irish Village at Dubai Parks and Resorts. Over the years we’ve been looking for a second home and Riverland provided us with the perfect location – on one side is an impressive winding river and we’re also overlooking Legoland. The wood interiors and bric-a-brac takes you back to pubs of old. 

  • We’ve hosted some amazing concerts in 2016, including Madness, Brian Wilson, The Stranglers and Simple Minds, as well as the HopFest, which, after 15 years, has become a Dubai tradition. We’ve also won Irish Pubs Global Worldwide’s <Irish Pub of the Year> – which was the icing on the cake.

  • Our success could not have been achieved without our owners Dubai Duty Free and its Executive Vice Chairman and CEO, Colm McLoughlin. Their support for new events and projects is always there and because of them, we’re able to take on and succeed at difficult challenges. This year’s the 25th anniversary of Dubai Duty Free Tennis Championships.

  • The best advice I received was from my Dad: “You’re dead a long time, so enjoy everything you do.”

  • My secret is that I’ve always wanted to do a stand-up comedy show – there’s still time!

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