Daryl Hannah

Daryl Hannah Arrested over Oil Protest

05 Oct 2012
By Ahlanlive.com

Daryl Hannah has been arrested in Texas for trying to stop an oil pipeline from being built.

Daryl Hannah has been arrested in Texas. The Kill Bill actress was taken into custody for criminal trespassing and resisting arrest and held at the Wood County Jail after she and a landowner stepped in front of machinery to halt the construction of an oil pipeline.

Daryl and 78-year-old Eleanor Fairchild were hoping to stop the progress of TransCanada's Keystone XL pipe through the latter's farmland in Winnsboro - which was subject to a compulsory purchase order for the project - almost a hundred miles east of Dallas.

The pipeline is designed to bring crude oil from Canada to the Gulf Coast.

Daryl's agent, Paul Bassis, said the protesters were likely to be kept in jail last night (4 September), adding: ''They've arrested Daryl Hannah and a rural Texas great-grandmother. The streets of Winnsboro will be much safer tonight now that they've gotten that 78-year-old great grandmother off the streets.''

Daryl has previously been arrested for protesting against the pipeline in Washington DC in 2011.

She and other activists believe it will carry heavy, acidic crude oil that could corrode a metal pipeline and lead to a spill. They also claim that by not refining the oil, it would further contaminate the air in a region that struggles with pollution.

TransCanada counter that the pipeline will be the safest ever built. The issue has even been debated by President Barak Obama.

Speaking of Daryl's arrest, TransCanada spokesman David Dodson said: ''It is unfortunate Ms. Hannah and other out-of-state activists have chosen to break the law by illegally trespassing on private property.''

He added protesters were ''putting their own safety and the safety of others at risk''.