Dariush Zandi

07 Jul 2010
By Ahlanlive.com

Jumeirah Beach Residence

One of this year’s most unique and eco-conscious homes belongs to Dariush Zandi, known to many as the owner of Dubai’s Courtyard Gallery. Unbeknown to most is that he is also an architect, a designer of neighbourhoods, accomplished photographer, author and artist. And each element of his talent is infused into the warm and innovative space he and his wife have created in their 36th floor loft apartment overlooking the Gulf. ❯❯

Their original and highly creative style is described by Dariush as organic and sensory, an affordable space that has been designed to be simple and sustainable. Perhaps this is best embodied in the natural, reclaimed wood that characterises the design ethos, “We adore our kitchen counter. It is made from a six-metre long wooden trunk from one single tree. It is ❯❯ the centre of our home; we use it for preparing food, dining, office work and socialising with our guests. We absolutely love it.”

Aside from the tables, everything else in the house has been conceived and built by the couple, each piece adhering to their motto of good living inspired by mother earth. “We see our home has generating its own energy,” says Dariush. “It’s about listening to nature, referring to ones deep inner feeling and searching for your own needs and aspirations.”

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