Daredevils can Stand on the Edge at Aykon City

Venture onto the roofline with the newest tourism attraction opening soon
ByAriel Robinson Sunday , 01 May 2016
Daredevils can Stand on the Edge at Aykon City

Dubai developer Damac has revealed more details about its plans for the first-of-its-kind tourism attraction called Aykon Dare, which will form part of its Aykon City project.

Situated at the crown of the tallest tower in Aykon City, daredevils can venture out onto the roofline with nothing between them but fresh air and the city at over 935 feet below.

Modelled on the experiences offered by the EdgeWalk at Toronto's iconic CN Tower or the Sky Tower's SkyWalk in Auckland, Aykon Dare put visitors in a harness and takes them to the edge.

Accessible from the 78th floor lounge and dining room, visitors walk out onto the landing platform before beginning their ascent, where they are harnessed to the safety rail leading up the roofline to the upper level.

Visitors can also step up and out into the glass-floored viewing capsule, Damac said in a statement.

Aykon City will comprise four towers which combine a five-star hotel accommodation, luxury hotel apartments, residences and a boutique office space linked by a central podium with retail, dining and entertainment.

Damac said the Aykon Dare experience will be carefully controlled by trained professionals using state-of-the-art safety equipment and is expected to last around 45 minutes to an hour.

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