Dany El Zein

The DJ with limitless talents
ByJasmine BandaliWednesday , 05 March 2014
Dany El Zein
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Ten years from now... Wishful thinking would have me happily retired in Miami; in reality, I'll be trying to keep my future kids from trashing my DJ decks

We’re not quite sure where he gets his energy from, but Dany El Zein has managed to successfully and simultaneously forge two very different careers. As the Media Planning Director for leading advertising firm Havas Media ME, he’s pitched for and won numerous accounts – no mean feat given that he spends most nights DJing into the early hours.

Dany’s often in the office at 7am, so there’s barely time for him to sleep during the week, yet he reveals that even in his downtime he’s holed up in his home studio, sampling new tracks and producing music. In the midst of all this, he’s even found time to get engaged! Born and brought up in Lebanon, Dany says he wasn’t sure which career path to take after university, but knew he had to leave Lebanon and make a fresh start. With his head in the corporate world and his heart in the creative one, it’s no wonder he was confused, but he managed to get the best of both worlds after being headhunted by one of Dubai’s leading communications agencies back in 2006, while at the same time steadily making a name for himself on the live DJ circuit. 

Thankfully, it seems that Dany’s hard work has really paid off, and last year he landed his first residency contract at elite venues Sake No Hana and 40 Kong.