Danielle Wilson Naqvi

The woman turning tragedy into triumph
ByJasmine BandaliWednesday , 05 March 2014
Danielle Wilson Naqvi
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Ten years from now... I would like to still be in Dubai but the family may need to make a big move to NYC for my husband's work

Amid the influx of expats in search of a better life flocking to our shores every year, Danielle is something of Dubai veteran, having first set down her roots in the city 18 years ago. Following a life of frivolous fun, Danielle became the proud owner of boutique PR agency, the CSPR Group and got married. Life was picture-perfect and Danielle appeared to be living the coveted Dubai dream. Wanting to share their blessed life with a child less fortunate, in 2011 Danielle and her husband adopted a baby girl from Pakistan, who they named Zahra Beau.

Although blissfully happy, the family’s fairytale life soon took a downward turn after Zahra was diagnosed with a rare metabolic disorder and died at just four months old in 2012. Grief-stricken, Danielle was propelled into further turmoil when she learned that the heel-prick or ‘baby-screening’ test, which is mandatory in the West yet unheard of in Pakistan, could have saved her life. Following the tragedy, Danielle set about honouring Zahra through a charity called the ZB foundation in 2013, committed to saving babies’ lives in Pakistan with the introduction of newborn screening. Together with her husband, friends and family, the foundation has worked tirelessly to raise awareness about the importance of the test, securing their first screening machine and hospital in Pakistan that will conduct the tests, which started saving lives at the beginning of this year.