Daniel Craig: "Filming with the Queen was Lovely"

Daniel Craig admits Queen Elizabeth was ''lovely'' when they filmed together for the Opening Ceremony of the London Olympics
Daniel Craig: "Filming with the Queen was Lovely"
Daniel Craig

Daniel Craig found Britain's Queen Elizabeth to be ''lovely'' when he filmed with her. The Skyfall actor - who worked alongside the monarch for a sketch shot for the opening ceremony of the London Olympics, in which he played James Bond - is pleased how good the stunt looked and admits it was ''surreal'' working with her.

He told The Sun newspaper: ''I think she did good, I think she did fantastically. I am a big fan of Danny Boyle. He did an amazing job with the Opening Ceremony. I was proud to be a small part of it. It was quite surreal to be in the palace with the queen but Danny was being lovely, and so was she.''

Daniel previously joked he was ''grumpy'' during the filming because he had been asked to do it on his day off from work.

He said: ''She was fun, incredibly game. We had a short space of time and I was a bit grumpy as it was my day off and suddenly I am at the Palace with the queen at her private chamber. And she improvises a little bit. She was supposed to be sitting at the desk and she asked if she could write, so she pretended to write.''

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